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Affiliated to: B.E., S.C.B.A., W.S.B.A., N.W.S.B.A. and A&D.B.A.

      Club Address:  Rosewood Way,  West End,  Woking, Surrey, GU24 9PF

West End Bowls Club

Best of the week

Friendlies Indoor Friendlies

Yesterday (Saturday 23rd September) we played the Ladies v Gents on a lovely sunny September afternoon; the weather was very kind to us.

We played 5 Triples, then 2 reserves came along, which made it 4 Triples and 1 Rink.

Trevor Captained the Gents and Linda Lofty Captained the Ladies.

After this “Battle of the Sexes” match, we had a drink at the bar and Brian Dobson went off to collect all the Take-Aways – Fish & Chips, Chicken & Chips or Chinese.

 Once we had eaten, It came to Trevor to announce the result.

The Gents scored 84 shots and the Ladies scored 84 shots.

So he looked at Ends Won. The Gent won 46 ends and the Ladies won 46 ends.  So he finally looked at who won more rinks.

The Gents won on 2 rinks and the Ladies won on 3 rinks.

So Trevor declared the Ladies as the winners and presented Linda with the “Ladies v Gents” shield.

Overall a very enjoyable afternoon.